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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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west point cadets are trained to serve and protect. one student was trying to do that by helping a friend in need. his plan of action did not exactly have the outcome that he may have been expecting when he let a little mouse go that he found in his dorm room. what is this? >> go. get on out. good luck. >> how do you feel? >> i feel relieved that he is not going to wake me up in my bed anymore. [ laughter ] >> but kind of sad, you know. i just got to know him. [wind blowing] >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> no! are you kidding me? >> he didn't last five
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minutes. [ laughter ] >> oh, no. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: fox report begins with developing news and a live look at the house of representatives where we expect the final vote on emergency aid for victims of super storm sandy during this newscast. we'll go live to capitol hill coming up inside fox report. police oprah winfrey on her marathon interview with disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. >> we were mesmerized and rivot the by some of thinks answers. >> they sat together for hours discussioned the deposition and she said there were some surprises. >> he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. plus how the justice department could soon be going after lance armstrong. in the wake of the new town
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massacre, the white house looking for ways to prevent mass murder. but one state won't wait. there is no time like the present to act. >> new york lawmakers what could be the toughest gun control restrictions in america. >> this is not about taking anyone's rights away. >> i voted know i only wish i could have done it twice. what the rules require and why chit particulars say they could create a new problem. but first from fox this tuesday night. lance armstrong is a liar and much more. the disgraced athlete has reportedly admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs to become famous to make millions of dollars and destroyed people who told the truth about it tonight the empire that lance armstrong built is crumbling. collapsing as rapidly as his reputation. armstrong reportedly confessed to doping during a sit down with oprah yesterday. winfrey plans to air the two and a half hour interview this week. this morning, a preview. >> i felt that he was
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thoughtful. i thought that he was serious. i thought that he certainly had prepared himself for this moment. >> oprah said lance armstrong didn't come clean in the way she expected. but no matter what, he actually admitted or how he admitted it it certainly doesn't end here. telling the truth will not set him free. because several organizations and companies are asking armstrong to pay back millions in settlements and appearance fees. and the u.s. justice department is reportedly set to join a lawsuit against lance armstrong for defrauding his one-time sponsor, the u.s. postal service. now, keep in mind, lance armstrong has already lost his tour de france titles, along with the respective millions. but after years of denials of lies, of ruining lives, it's possible that he is only beginning to pay the price. trace gallagher is tracking developments from our west coast news hub this afternoon. what if anything do we know about this oprah interview.
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>> we nope open prove winfrey said came ready asking if she came ready. continue his deception. we heard oprah say that he didn't come clean the way she expected. but then she later said that she was satisfied. listen. >> if he says, this then i goal do that. if he says this answer, then i will go to seven deadly sins page 114. i didn't have to do that because he was pretty forth coming. today we talked to a sports writer who says he has been watching lance armstrong lie, cheat and ruin reputations for years. he says that people who watch this interview should do so with a grain of salt. listen. >> most people, their knowledge of cycling basically was extended as far as lance. they don't know, they don't care about the specifics, but i mean, what this guy did was so much more than just, you know, get caught cheating and take a few drugs. i mean, he went out to destroy
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lives. >> we should also note that lance armstrong's attorneys were not allowed to be in that sit down interview with oprah. shep? >> word that the olympics might drop cycling as a sport out of all of this? >> the international cycling union the uci is the governing body of cycling. for years there has been allegations of the uci actually tried to cover up these doping scandals. lance armstrong has indicated that he may testify against others. if he implicates and then has proof that u c was dirty in all of this the olympic committee could take action with one member saying and i'm quoting the only way cycling is going to clean if you please all these people say hey, we are no longer in the olympics and that's where we want to be. so let's earn our way back. in in other words, give cycling four to eight years to try and get its act back together. shep? >> shepard: for a long time it's been talked about was the doping responsible for the
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cancer in lance armstrong? >> today "u.s.a. today" said in fact lance armstrong told oprah that he was doping before he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. of course his teammates have also testified that the doping did precede the cancer diagnosis. but we cannot find a single link, linking performance enhancing drugs with testicular cancer. there is a study that links steroids to liver cancer but even that study, shep, is very much inconclusive. >> shepard: trace gallagher live this afternoon. thank you. another gunman opened fire at a school today just as president obama and other -- and lawmakers were working to prevent these types of shootings from happening again. the attack unfolded at business school college in st. louis. the news was breaking on "studio b." a man in his early 20's shot a school administrator in his chest that worker's fourth floor office. police found the shooter in the stairwell after he
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eventually shot himself. our fox station ktvi for st. louis and beyond report the victim was a financial advisor. the police chief says that the student had attended classes at that school part time. i don't want to speculate on the motive. the suspect and the victim were familiar with each other. they knew each other. this did not appear to be random. it appeared to be targeted towards the two. there were no other students that were injured. >> financial advisor and client. client is accused of shooting. but sources tell the associated press that some of the students hid under desks or in closets. it happened at the stevens institute of business and arrests a trade school forever known as patricia stevens college. the shooting suspect is now in custody. both he and the victim in surgery at the hospital. now we're learning president obama will announce his plan to reduce gun violence tomorrow. that's the word from the whowssments joe biden gave a list of recommendations from his task force. officials on capitol hill say the president is considering
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19 steps he could take on his own without anything from congress. wendell goler at the white house tonight. what do we know about the president's plan, wendell? >> shep, we expect it will include a combination of things, proposals for congress to take up and things as you say the administration can do on its own. the latter include cracking down on people who lie on background checks, tougher penalties for gun traffickers and better access to state and mental health records. the president will also propose things that will require congressional approval including ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and universal background checks for gun buyers. all of these are long shots and aides say even those things wouldn't completely solve the problem. >> this is something that we have to address as a nation. it's not something you can do alone through executive action. it's not something you can do with even a series of laws that congress might pass. this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of
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american life it needs to be approached broadly. jay carney says americans need to admit we haven't done enough to protect our children. shepard? >> how are lawmakers responding. >> some support tougher existence. few in favor of new laws. senate majority leader harry reid says he won't ask democrats to make politically difficult votes on issues that can't get the republican led house. republican -- examined very closely. >> this is a very important constitutional right, we are dedicated to protecting the second amendment from that standpoint. so, what we want to focus on are ways to make sure that people with serious mental difficulties are kept away from firearms. >> any legislative proposals would begin in the senate and then go to goodlatte's
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committee in the house. shepard? >> shepard: here in new york senator signed toughest legislation in the nation. law expands assault weapons ban already in place in new york state. it makes it illegal to buy those firearms on the internet seven bullets down from the national stashed of 10. if somebody steals your gun, you will have 24 hours to report it. otherwise, you, the owner, could face a penalty. and the law ups the sentences for certain weapons crimes including taking a gun on to school property. keep in mind this is the first major gun law passed in any state since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school more than a month ago. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us tonight. lawmakers in albany new york very passionate on this subject today. >> absolutely. governor cuomo has pushed this legislation very hard. at a signing ceremony today, he repeatedly said how proud he is of new york state and how he believes this
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legislation makes the people of new york much safer, listen. we saw, we learned, we responded, we acted and we are doing something about it we are not victims. we can strike back and we can defend ourselves. but we are going to do it intelligently. and we're going to do it prudently. we will put rules in place that actually protect innocent people in society. >> now, this bill was passed on a bipartisan basis but that does not say there are not knows vehemently opposed. here is one of them. >> this gun bill does nothing to protect the law abiding citizens of oour great state. it was crystal clear to me that this bill will not stop one criminal from committing a heinous act. this bill does infringe upon and weaken our second amendment rights. national rifle association issued a statement late this evening in which they also
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condemned the legislation n strikingly similar language to that used by its opponents in albany today, shep. >> shepard: part of this law in new york state addresses the mental as pecket specht of things. >> there is a part of this law which says that any therapist who is treating somebody who make what is that therapist deems to be a credible threat to use a gun illegally has to report that patient to the authorities. governor cuomo says that will make everyone safer. some doctors including dr. paul al pell balm with the columbia university of physicians disagree. he said quote the people who arguably most need to be in treatment and most need to feel free to talk about these disturbing impulses may be the ones we make least likely to do so. they will simply not come or not report the thoughts they have. now, these are all arguments that have been made in new york state. they are all arguments we are
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likely to see repeated again on the national stage to president obama announcements at the white house, shep. >> shepard: thank you. american citizen says is he being tortured in iranian prison because of his christian faith. now is he set to go before a tough judge. one who is known for putting to death. his story and the effort to say him coming up. house floor house of representatives where we are waiting the final vote on some crucial aid for victims of super storm sandy. it's an issue that sparked a lot of anger, especially among all those people still waiting for help. at issue. do we have decreases in spending to pay for this? or do the people come first on what is tens of billions of dollar bill. we'll no shortly from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. [ male announcer ] how can power conmption in china,
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>> appear american pastor is set to appear before notoriously harsh judge in iran on charges that he compromised national security. that pastor supporters say the iranians are going after him only because is he a crismghts david lee miller in new york city. can you explain who this pastor is and what the pastor is charged him with doing. >> the pastor is in an iranian prison awaiting trial that could result in the death penalty. he says he has been tortured. his crime establishing a network of churches in people's homes. the iranians say he is undermined national security. supporters fear for his life because as a muslim who converted to christianity under iranian law who he could be executed. the judge will hear his case as a history of handing out death sentences to human rights activists. be a he says is he prepared to die for his religious beliefs. shepard? >> shepard: washington is working on this i'm assuming. >> washington is. supporters say washington is not doing enough. they want the state department to put more pressure on iran to win his release.
4:18 pm
although he was born in iran he became a u.s. citizen two years after ago marrying a u.s. woman. days ago a state department spokesman accused iran of violating his human rights. >> he was arrested by iranian officials more than three months ago on charges related to his religious beliefs. we understand a hearing will be held soon and we call on iranian officials to respect iran's own laws and provide him access to an attorney. >> despite raising serious concerns about his arrest. his supporters are frustrated that u.s. officials not called for his immediate release. meanwhile, tens of thousands have signed a petition urging iran to set him free. the trial slated to get underway next week. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller from new york. activists say a pair of explosions at a university in syria today killed more than 80 students on the first day of exams. rebel fighters blame each other as is standard these days for the blast. the blast that reportedly killed students and other people at the university dorms
4:19 pm
in aleppo. you see the aftermath here. activists say the death toll is likely to grow because dozens of people are still critical. state television reported that terrorists launched rockets at the campus while activists said syrian war planes actually attacked it with missiles. aleppo has been home so some of the most intense fighting of the entire civil war which the united nations reports has led to the death of more than 60,000 people. next time somebody robs a pharmacy it could be a lot easier for the cops to catch them. police say they will be hiding g.p.s. devices in drug stores. so how will that work? details coming in a fox urgent. the house of representatives has just begun voting. it happened a few minutes ago on billions of dollars for victims of super storm sandy. but you may know some republicans are threatening to vote know after they lost a battle to off set part of the cost with spending cuts. so does this fly? is the relief coming? we'll know during this newscast as we go live to capitol hill coming up as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> shepard: it's a done deal on capitol hill. that's a live look at the house of representatives. it's always funny to see how empty it is, isn't it? a live look though and they have the votes to pass. the bill now has the votes but it still has six or seven more minutes to go. but they only needed a certain number and they got it, which means the aid for super storm sandy victims in new york, new jersey, connecticut and beyond is on the way. it's been held up because republicans it wanted it offset by spending cuts but in the end the freedom prevailed i suppose the people of the northeast long suffering. the bill for aid for super storm sandy will pass in the house of representatives. the pentagon will not put u.s. troops on the ground in west africa but it will help the
4:24 pm
french gather intelligence. that's the word today from our defense secretary leon pa net attachment france unleashed its air and ground assault on islamic extremists in the nation of mali last week. those militants largely control the country's north. yesterday they took a town in central mali. investigators say many of them do have ties to al qaeda. today secretary panetta warned they could still pose a dangerous threat to the united states. >> the fact is that the war on terrorism continues. >> we have made good progress. we have underline the ability to conduct but the war on terrorism continues. >> same time, the french announced that they are expanding their own troop presence in mali from roughly 800 soldiers to roughly 2500 that is a big up. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. there is still a chance that the u.s. might provide more than just intelligence; is that right? >> that is right. u.s. warplanes could soon be landing in mali.
4:25 pm
transporting french troops into the fight. we are looking hard today at the air lift question helping them transport forces from foreign policy and from the area into the theater. >> there is no consideration of putting any american boots on the ground at this time. >> but, remember, shepard, it was france that first asked the u.s. to help in libya. back to years ago. >> shepard: the truth is the united states has had special forces in mali for years. >> in fact, the u.s. taxpayer has spent nearly half a billion dollars to prop up the military and train them in counter terrorism in north africa over the last three years. some in the pentagon want to know why the u.s. didn't get a better return on its money. u.s. special forces were in mali until recently. a year ago a captain in mali's army who was trained at various bases in the u.s., fort binning and quantico surprised men toes by organize
4:26 pm
ago coupe, opening the way for travels in northern mali. >> new crackdown on prescription drug thieves it involved hiding g.p.s. tracking devices inside decoy pill bottles. the new york city police departments will start asking pharmacies to legitimate supplies. if there is a robbery investigators will be able to track down the thieves. this comes in response to a growing black market nor prescription drugs. several high profile climbs including the 2011 pharmacy holdup on long island, new york that left four people dead. first, they lost their homes to the storm. then they lost everything else to looters. now months after super storm sandy, some victims say they're still waiting for help. we will will hear one family's story as washington has acted tonight. lawmakers are still voting but it passes, tens of billions of dollars in storm aid for the northeast. and it looks like a bill for super storm sandy will be of great help. it's not final but it's done. go to capitol hill and see what it means for all of us as
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
across the finish line. bottom line lawmakers heard a lot of passionate pleas from lawmakers in new york, sniewj, connecticut about the struggles that people there have been going through since super storm sandy. shear a sample. please remember that when you cast your vote today, these are americans in need that are counting on us to stand up and do the right thing radless if you are from a state that has ha had disasters or not. >> people lost their homes, their cars, their jobs. in some cases their entire neighborhoods and there should not be different standards for different storms or for different regions so some comfort for those lawmakers and their constituents more importantly who are still cleaning up and rebuilding after siewmp storm sandy. the final vote was 241 to 180, shep. >> shepard: the argument was not whether there was need or
4:32 pm
whether it was going to happen but whether we offset this payment with spending cuts has really been the rights argument for the long time now about all spending that's right. we are $16 trillion and counting in debt. so a lawmaker from south carolina which is prone to getting its hurricanes so he understands disaster relief money. with the debt growing every day, we have to start paying for some of this stuff. here is his pitch. why don't have enough money saved up to take care of our own people and that's wrong. it's absolutely wrong it is important to me that this money goes to the folks who need it very badly. it's so important to me that i think we should pay for it. >> now, the argument against him was essentially that they have never forced lawmakers to pay for this kind of disaster relief money by cutting elsewhere before. why should they do it this first time. shep? >> shepard: there was a key
4:33 pm
moment, mike, before this vote from a representative from new jersey, right? >> a republican from new jersey, the initial bill in the house was only going to be $17 billion whereas the metropolitan area there of new york was looking for more like $51 billion for long-term rebuilding. so free land added an amendment that tripled the house bill from $17 billion to about $51 billion. it passed and that essentially cleared the way for this whole measure to pass the house. >> and anybody who thinks that the fight spending and debt is over is mistaken. >> plenty more ahead in the coming weeks as they deal with the debt ceiling. also, those automatic cuts to defense and domestic spending. plenty more battles ahead over spending, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on the hill. the bill has passed and the president will sign it into law. two weeks after congress approved a separate measure to
4:34 pm
borrow $10 billion to flood insurance claims from sandy and other disasters. throughout the areas sandy hit hardest we are hearing stories of people growing increasingly frustrated in delays by getting money they need. >> the whole outside of the house was ripped apart with waves. >> the waves washed out 16 years of family mementos from this water front house on new york's long island. >> what you see is exactly how we found it after the hurricane. >> jane long-term says she will -- letterman says she will have to tear down the home she loved. two months after the storm she is still waiting for the insurance payment to get her started. >> this is a shame. it's just a shame that, you know, this had to happen. but the thing to do is to fix it as fast as possible to make things normal. they are not doing that. >> letterman estimates she will need more than $400,000 to rebuild. so far she tells us she has received just a fraction of that. a $10,000 check from her homeowner's policy to cover wind damage to a roof and
4:35 pm
siding plus $7,000 toward some of the items she lost. but nobody has told her how much to expect from her flood insurance. >> we just need to move on in our life. you know. what's taking so long? >> they have reason to be concerned at this stage of the game that they haven't seen their money as of yet it's happening all across the region. fema which flood insurance program 70% of those who file flood insurance claims are still waiting for their money. a spokesman insists progress is still being made and that quote fema has taken steps to ensure that flood insurance claims are processed as quickly as possible following hurricane sandy. insurance representatives says there seems to be no simple explanation for the delays other than the massive scope of the disaster. >> it comes back to the shear number of claims and come plebletion city of some of these claims. the fact that they are not all closed at this stage of the game is not a surprise at all.
4:36 pm
watch yourself. of course that doesn't do jane letterman much good. >> limbo. it's a lousy place to be. >> she reports looters have been picking through what's left of her home as she waits for resources to rebuild. there is happy times here. such happy times here. you know. i just want that back. even folks getting paid are running into complications in many instances the checks are made out to both of the homeowners and their mortgage companies. many folks have reported that they have run into problems cashing those checks. there is is breaking news now on fox news channel. it has just happened again. there has been another school shooting and this one has happened in kentucky. remember, there was one in st. louis this afternoon. and another one tonight. two people killed two people have turned themselves into state police. this is a matter for hazard county, kentucky. jonathan hunt, our chief fox report correspondent has gotten the details on this. jonathan, astounding? >> yeah, shep.
4:37 pm
apparently this latest shooting happened at the hazard community and technical college just this evening. a dispatcher at the county's 911 center telling local reporters there there have been two fatalities and possibly one injury. possibly. kentucky state police spokesman tony watts said two people came to the state police post in hazard, turned themselves in, he said the state police are not investigating they held the men until hazard police picked them up. stephan grainer, president of the school, said the shooting happened in the parking lot of the first federal center building on campus at about 6:00 p.m. as why yneld stand right now, shep. that school remains on lockdown. although the building are said to have been searched. there is according to the authorities there no shooter currently inside. another one, the second just today at a college campus. shep. >> shepard: jonathan, these two people who turned
4:38 pm
themselves in, do we have word of whether they said why they did this? >> i have got nothing as yet on anything that they have said. as i said, they -- the state police there turned it over to the local hazard police. they apparently have these two people in custody. we will check local reports and bring you more as we get it. >> shepard: that's two school shootings today. jonathan updating us and more throughout the evening. hackers are taking aim at some of our nationst biggest banks now and those banks are asking the feds for help big banks need the fed's help don't they? details on that coming up. plus big changes coming to facebook. did you hear what happened today? why the facebook ceo says users will soon be able to learn much more about their friends by doing a quick search. and why this could be the end of it all. it really could. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as plosec otc.
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just in to fox news, more problems with boeing's dream liner jet. 787. this one operated by elnipon airways has j s made a landing in western japan. seems that smoke appeared in the cabin of the dream liner. in the public broadcaster nhk is reporting. this it's wednesday there now because these are morning reports and this has just happened. all the passengers on board nhk reports were evacuated without giving any further details. we don't know how about how about everybody was. this is at least the fourth or fifth problem for dream liners. stock for boeing has tanked. another dream line problem this time in japan. workers today took the first steps towards capping off one world trade center and making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. crews used a giant crane to
4:43 pm
lift the expire to the hundredth floor. first of 18 pieces used to make that up giant expire. dozens of workers he worked to gild the hunk of steel into place. once it's complete it will rise to symbolic height of 1776 feet. some of america's biggest banks are asking the national security agency to help protect them from cyber attacks. hackersers have already crashed major bank web sites for just called denial of service attacks. these attacks are characterized by unusually slow network response or web sites that are unavailable does not involve a threat of
4:44 pm
money. sun trust among others. the head of the house intelligence committee who has been briefed on the scale and intensity of the attacks tells fox data points to one nation. >> we knew that iran had been interested in the targets. we knew had has a nation state footprint. only a nation state had this type of capability. >> the threat has been so persistent this fall the homeland security and national security agency are now getting involved with the bank, shep. >> shepard: are we learning anything about how this played out over the last few months? >> this whole thing started in mid august when the saudi oil company producer of crude oil hit with 30,000 computers affected. then a month later within days of the benghazi attack and ghoxes in the middle east, second wave of cyber attacks unfolded against the u.s. banks. >> the timing is very definite. it was post 9/11. it was to make a statement.
4:45 pm
it was to inflict dysfunction if you will on the banking industry of the big heathen west the united states. >> there is bipartisan support in the house, comprehensive cyber legislation was blocked in the senate. over regulatory and privacy issues last year and maybe resurrected some time in this session. shep? >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. facebook today got a big upgrade with a new search feature that its co-founder calls one of the coolest things we have done in a while. that's mark zuckerberg graph search. it aims to led users search through connections in greater detail and more easily like, for instance, finding a specific photo of somebody taken at a specific place or date. for now it's available only to users in the testing phase. could take more than a year they all of facebook's 1 billion users as you might imagine. nau not all the kids are happy about this one. a quick google search you will
4:46 pm
see what i mean as president obama and lawmakers washington's role in preventing gun violence. one school district just taken action on its own. its plan for armed guards and reaction from the parents ahead. but, first, young survivors of the sandy hook shooting have recorded a song to raise money for local charities. they chose over the rainbow from the wizard of oz. it went on sale itunes and. >> somewhere over the rainbow way up high ♪ there's a land that i heard of ♪ once in a lullaby. [sobbing]
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news and continuing coverage from hazard, kentucky where the police department now confirms the shooting happened and that the campus is now on lockdown. there is a location far eastern part of the state over by the virginia border. hazard community and technical college. it is now confirmed through local media, not the police that two are dead on this campus and that two people turned themselves in to the state police and a hazard kentucky authorities came to pick them up. the shooting at about 6:00 that. why did it happen? we don't know. this is a shooting on campus there in hazard. there was another one in st. louis at a very small technical college in downtown. no dead there. and it's all part of continuing school violence, including the massacre at sandy hook elementary, which happened a month ago and has now forced school officials across the country to examine their own security. a recent study shows as many as 10,000 armed law enforcement officers patrol u.s. schools, mostly middle
4:51 pm
and high schools. one superintendent in western pennsylvania says that even before the shooting in newtown, district officials had already discussed hiring retired say troopers as armed guards. move within plans of the massacre. carl cammeron in butler, pennsylvania tonight. how has the community acted there, carl? >> well, it was as you said already on the agenda before the sandy hook massacre. the iraq reaction afterward positive. 500 school districts in pennsylvania. about 100 of them have some sort of armed guard or police security already there has been there has been limited amount of opposition. we spoke to the mayor about the entirety of the program yesterday, listen. >> i believe there was only maybe one family that felt that that was the wrong decision. the others certainly agreed with that. butler school district has
4:52 pm
over 8,000 students. so, i think they feel confident that, you know, that butler is taking the steps to protect the children as much as that is humanly possible. there is obviously a big emphasis on this. more schools will likely undertake it and of course in the heat of all of this discussion about gun legislation the security of the kids is primary. they think this is the leading trend, something that the national rifle association had proposed but was largely ridiculed in the last few weeks, shep. >> shepard: the president hasn't seem to have been on board with that is he going to announce some plans tomorrow. is this part of it? >> why don't know. what we do know is that the vice president and who, of course, ran the task force, expressed a lot of interest in it to barbara boxer, the california senator and a liberal democratic gun control advocate who has been talking about this for a number of months, actually. and just last week said that she had talked to the vice
4:53 pm
president about it and urged him to recommend it to the president and mr. biden said that he was interested in this idea. and obviously it's growing. boxer has suggested the idea that perhaps even federal funding could be involved for any schools who want to add this to their security compliment, shep? >> carl cameron from butler, pennsylvania. if you are going to steal a train, there really aren't that many places to go. after all it run ares on a set of tracks. but one woman didn't let that deter her. police say she stole a commuter train and crashed it into an apartment building. it happened in stockholm. investigators say she worked for a company hired to clean the empty train. and instead she drove it about a mile. tran through the end of the track, into the line, kept going for about 0 feet and smashed right into that apartment building police say she is badly hurt. everybody inside the building is okay. they added they have no idea why she would do such a thing. suv crashes through convenience store and crashes into an employee and that tops
4:54 pm
our news across america. oregon. surveillance video outside the gas station captured the truck slamming through the side of the store. catch are as behind the counter caught the bring wall crashing down on workers. one of them went to the hospital with a broken leg. the driver told police he hit the gas instead of the brake. he faces a careless driving charge. tennessee. fire tore through a church outside nashville. crews say after battling the flames. they dodged hundreds of pounds of falling bricks. nobody hurt. the church a total loss except for its cross. iowa, a 7-year-old boy and his ipad helped reunite a brother and sister after 65 years. they have been placed in separate foster homes as kids. and searched for each other over the years. then the son of the man's landlord went on his mom's facebook account and found the sister by searching maiden name. >> they will never know what little 7-year-old can do for
4:55 pm
you. >> the siblings rewarded the kid with a check for $125. california a robot with the face of a child is learning to read and express human emotions. researchers at uc san diego are working on the project with scientists across the country and in japan. they say robots like this may help develop social interaction in special needs kids, and that's a fox watch across america. i mean, i hope that works out. that was one creepy robot. let's just admit this. the best selling author of "the da vinci code" out with a book. had fans solve a puzzle to find out the title. don't worry, we will just tell you next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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>> shepard: stewart scott is
4:59 pm
vowg to beat cancer for the third time. he says he will not let his illness to keep him from working or working out. last night stu announced on twitter that his cancer had come back. he first battled the disease in 2007. again in 2011 after several surgeries and a lot of chemo. thousand he faces cancer again and stewart scott says that he is staying positive. he even tweeted about his routine after treatment saying here is what i do right after chemo. leave the infusion center and go straight to either do a p 90 x workout or train mixed martial arts. that's how you live strong. would what a good guy. i worked with him in orlando. good luck, stu. dan brown latest mystery plot was a mystery flop. here is the guy behind the hit novel da vinci code. today, brown was set to unveil the name of his new novel which is due out in may. it involved some sort of lab borat puzzle like in the books which he would reveal in the title online but instead of a title, all the fans got were serve errorrer which is a very weird name for a book.


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